As I approach the end of my year, I realize I never quite got around to telling you about my “normal” day. There are many reasons this could be so. For one, although my days here seem normal in the sense that this is my life, just in another country, my days are far from normal in the same way. Every day is something a little different. If I were to have done this post a few months ago, I would have talked about my English class, but as I now no longer have an English class, my days are different. I also find that as an avid movie watcher (a trait I proudly acquired from my father, although I am quite sure it’s really a gene in the Rosa DNA,) I have come to appreciate the ways that pictures can show things. So for all my visual people out there, this one is for you! I’m going to give you a few glimpses into my days! Here is all you need to know: Each of these explanations has a picture, which is fine and dandy, but you can also click a link for some of them that will take you to a timelapse from my actual day. To know when that is happening, simply look for text LIKE THIS. Click on the big, colorful, underlined text and away you will go! Exciting, I know! So, good luck, see you on the other side!

What day is it?

This would be the first question to ask because I have two site placements. On most Wednesdays and Thursdays I go to LWD and work with their communication team. My morning commute (until we get stuck in crazy traffic) looks something like THIS. 


While at LWD I work on things like Facebook content (click here to visit their Facebook page and see what I mean/learn more about them), videos to highlight projects, editing English things, and creating fact sheets for each of the five offices out in the provinces. Much of my time might look a little like THIS.

June 8

Other than that I would eat a quick lunch and maybe talk to other LWD co-workers if the office has people. However, usually I am the only one in my office as the staff members go out and conduct training courses all around Cambodia. Sometimes I get to go with too! Here are a couple pictures from a field visit I took last month.

Thursday nights are also filled with tea night on the roof with two of my hostel friends Lita and Sreydav or 3 or us when Johanna (another volunteer from Germany) is here!

Now, if it is a Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday I am in the LCC office most of the day. We start with morning devotional at 8:30. Once we are done, I usually go buy my breakfast. Sometimes I get rice flour waffles, but most of the time I get bai sah-chroo, pork and rice. Then other days I also treat myself to cafe dtuk dah ko dtuk kaw, Iced coffee with sweet milk. It also starts my morning of with a little JAUNT around the neighborhood.


The rest of the day may be spent working on newsletters, hanging out with other students, Bibles studies (on Saturdays), stamping receipts with one of those cool date stamp things that has rotating numbers/months, or simply being around and open to adventure. Tuesday and Friday nights we meet as a whole hostel to worship together, make important announcements, meet in groups, and talk about different topics.


Sundays are church days, which means almost exactly what you would think of as a church service, except everything is in Khmer. Sometimes I contribute by doing a prayer, or reading a Bible passage (in English), but usually I merely worship with my hostel family. There is always time for random jam sessions and eating lunch together after church. The afternoon could bring a boys soccer game, excursion to Tang Krang (though not recently), or just relaxing. Most nights I end up in the kitchen to COOK up some food, or try learning to do so.


The last day to talk about is Monday, and honestly, they always change around. Monday is my day off, so sometimes I watch a movie, or clean/do laundry. Cambodia also has ALOT of public holidays, so that means Monday sometimes turns into more days. In May I took advantage of this and EXPLORED Kampong Cham (a nearby city) for a day with a couple other YAGMs.


Other than that, what I do here is really just life. Every moment brings an eclectic mix of joys, struggles, laughter, frustration, learning, and memories. Each day something repetitive to comfort me, and each one something new to discover.

If you would like to see how days are different for other Cambodia YAGMs, click on anyone’s name to find their “Day in the Life” type blog: Lindsay, RachelAmanda, Mallory



One thought on “Take A Lap(se) Through My Day

  1. This was one of my favorite posts. I loved reading about each of the YAGM’s days and felt in my heart that God placed you in just the right place to take advantage of your skills. I also know that you are going to take Cambodia and all the friends you have made home with you and that you hope to go back there someday to visit the people who will forever be in your heart.


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