A new poem for you as I head into my last week. May this let you into my head, even if only for a few lines of verse.

Recently, my life is filled with thought after thought
their depth and range are far apart
but their centers form one knot
In August I was called to a place I’ve never been
an unfamiliar stranger
who instantaneously was kin

But now I look around and find myself in June
“This can’t be right,” I think
for the close came much too soon
How can I ever reconcile a reality
where a year has come and gone
and the future finds finality?

How should I describe a year that cannot be defined
by actions or by words,
or by thoughts inside my mind?
How do I convey exactly what is meant
by saying unnamed moments
are where my days were truly spent?

Drinking tea on the roof in the pouring rain
Eating rice all the time without going insane
Getting all these Khmer words into my brain
Deciding to be still, instead of choosing to refrain
Creating many friendships I hope we can maintain
Cherishing each moment from gigantic to mundane
Finding a way to trust that all these memories remain

And yet to know that all too soon,
I must board a departing plane

How can it be here?
I thought I got a year.
To live,
To laugh,
To learn,
To love
And yet, a year seems hardly enough

A long time to leave the place I’ve known,
A short time for all of the ways I have grown
A good time to leave my comfort zone
A hard time I could not have done alone
A time where grace was always shown

And yet I reach this milestone
with a deep and curious undertone
of a brand new journey
A new unknown


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