Day 2

They say that you learn something new every day, and if that is true, which I find it to be, then the universe has an infinite number of things to teach us. From learning a new word to suddenly understanding a deep truth about the world or oneself, there is a never-ending array of things that the world can teach us. So, what did I learn today? And that is where I am not sure how to answer. I had meetings about technology, and corrected some of my misunderstandings about the audio and video at St. Paul’s. I met with congregation members and learned more about the depth of their lives. And, I suppose I learned how season 3 of Riverdale ends. All of these are important glimpses of knowledge that add up to a worldview and a lens so much bigger than one learning on one day. Perhaps we always learn more than one new thing everyday. Perhaps we are constantly learning new things, as our lives unfold before us day to day.

So, what did you learn today?


One thought on “2 of 26

  1. I learned that I could do more than my physical therapist and I thought with my new knee. 6 am physical therapy was the only slot open with many therapist gone this week due to Thanksgiving but it turned out that, since I was the only one there, all the equipment was open for the therapist to use. So I did knee squats on a machine that he thought I might not be able to do and I even got on a bicycle and was able to do several reps. I am now at 103 degrees bend but need to get to 113 so I am making progress. I guess I learned that I am tougher than I though I’d be.

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