Day 3

Today was a fairly productive day. I find that in some seasons of life, those days feel few and far between, though it may seem that I make every day productive from the outside. But today, as I sit in my apartment at the end of it, I feel productive. I called the pharmacy, met with other seminarians over a video session, drafted reflection questions for a Thanksgiving service, wrote my initial outline for my sermon this coming Sunday, cleared out three email inboxes, bought food for our first Young Adult Monthly Meal tomorrow, went to the gym, cleaned out my fridge and put away food while Dalton did dishes and then we made dinner, and ate together. After eating, I spent an evening without feeling the pressure that I was not doing something that needed to be done. Most nights have this looming feeling of what I should be doing, but today, I was enough. Today, I accepted myself for who I am and for what I could do today, no more and no less.


One thought on “3 of 26

  1. Having so much less mobility than I had two weeks ago, I find that I have to settle for “what I can do” in a day rather than what I really want to do. I also find my energy level is so much less, could be I have no appetite at all and have to force myself to eat something at every meal – doctor’s orders. She wants me to consume protein at every meal so I’m using protein bars now as my “meal”. I hate breakfast but this morning I forced myself to eat a hard boiled egg. I am trying to get through the day without a nap…something I normally never have to do but trying to go up and down the stairs to take a shower takes everything out of me. I know I am getting better, according to the Physical Therapist, but I also know that I don’t feel a whole lot better yet. I still have lots of knee pain and have to have opiods to take it away – tylenol is just not strong enough. They renewed my prescription for one more week. I am praying that in one more week I will have no more pain or the pain will be small enough that tylenol will take it away. I am looking forward to being able to drive myself to where I want to go rather than having to ask Steve to take me everywhere – since I cannot manage the walker without someones help to get it out of the car. I know this is just a “season” of my life and that in December things will look a lot better and that I’ll, hopefully, be able to get all the things done that I want to do in a day and be glad that when I go to sleep that I will be able to sleep through the night and have energy the next day.


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