Day 16

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a rut? And then find it hard to break the cycle? Well, that has been me for the past week and a half. Through the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, I missed a day of these posts, and then kept myself from returning to the posts out of disappointment. How could I miss a day? How could I possibly go back after missing? And then it was two days…and three….and eventually it was 12. And now we are at today.

I got a reminder yesterday that even when you mess up once, you can always return to the task at hand. So yeah, I missed a lot of days in this series, but here I am today, owning the days that have been left unwritten and re-dedicating myself to finishing the rest. The alternative could be that I never return to this, then wait a while to post again so as not to draw attention to the empty days, but I am choosing to lay out my self-conscious tendencies, and soothe my inner critic instead. Today is about recognizing mistakes, or missed opportunities, or promises (even only to yourself) that went unfulfilled. I don’t want to end year 26 in a state of woe over unfulfilled promises, and so the first steps of eradicating those feelings are being taken today:

Laying them out and starting the process of smoothing them over.


One thought on “16 of 26

  1. Glad that I am not the only one who lays guilt upon myself for an unfinished task and thanks for continuing your posts as I love reading them.


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