Day 24

I was able to participate in my first Posada tonight! Though I have learned much about them over time and helped plan a few, I have never actually attended one! Tonight, it was a joy to celebrate my first Posada with Sagrado Corazón.

Las Posadas (or “the inns” in English) is a tradition that originated in Mexico, but not is celebrated all throughout Latin American countries and in Hispanic communities in the United States. It consists of 9 nights, which are the nine before Christmas day and is meant to commemorate the pilgrimage of Mary and Joseph trying to find shelter on that fateful night in Bethlehem. In doing so, there is also an acknowledgement of the way that we are all people who are accompanied by God on our journeys and that we should stand in solidarity for all who are on their pilgrimage, both literal and figurative.

Our night consisted of some songs, scripture, prayers, and sharing food together. Overall, it is a great reminder that I am always learning and trying new things in my life. And I always will be. No matter how old I may be tomorrow!


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